Welp. Just weighed myself for the first time in a month and it’s exactly as bad as I thought it’d be.

Change of plans. 

What was 69 days is now 62. 

All the better. :)

Still my favorite shirt

I’ve been so comfy today. And I feel so thin, despite the egregious amounts of calories I’ve been consuming.

If they cover my ass, they’re pants.

My yoga instructor today had a really good dedication for our practice today. She talked about the journey, about planning for something like a trip in the future, and how everything leading up to the trip is as important as the destination itself. She said you can plan and prepare yourself for your trip, then you travel there, and you have adventures there, but then there’s the trip back home, and your life is different afterwards, so the journey never really ends. “There’s always an adventure,” she told us. 

I really like that. Everything I do is in preparation for the next day, and the next day, and the next month and the next year, etc. Everything I do is to prepare me for what’s to come, and you build on it and you keep building and you never really stop preparing yourself, even after you reach a goal or a destination, because then the journey becomes how you live your life after your success (or failure). Today I prepared for tomorrow, but I also prepared for my adult life. I prepared for the actual trip I’m taking in August, and I prepared myself for the drive home after yoga. The journey never stops.

Today is a day to be cozy. Today is a day to be kind to yourself.

Also I missed my first yoga class so I walked three miles instead. Ended up being quite a nice day for my body. I like low-impact, extended workouts.

Yoga had me feeling like this, but it was such a good workout. I sweat buckets.

Now I’m home, and I stopped by my aunt’s house earlier and she gave me almost all of her tea since she’s moving tomorrow.

Seriously, guys. Come over and we’ll have a literal tea party.

Delicious-Ass Breakfast: 25 rapsberries, raisin bran with coconut milk, green tea, and my underwear.

Look at those fucking raspberries

Maybe I just wanna look cute at work.

This lion has lost her ambition.

We got real sweaty today.

I thought I was so fat then