and why are all his tweets gone

-I just didn’t feel like anything happened in it. Nothing was happening.

-Okay, well, you know, a girl’s whole perspective on who she was and her sexuality changed, if that feels like nothing—

-Yeah, but ultimately it just felt like waiting in line and all the nonsense that goes on in your brain when you’re trying to kill time.

lol @ donglover on girls

he never fails to make my vagina tingle tho

I just saw Donald Glover fuck Lena Dunham on Girls



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Lights Turned On- Childish Gambino (EP)

This has one of the tightest beats. Such a fast-paced song. love it.


Heems of Das Racist released his new solo mixtape today Wild Water Kingdom, and the fifteenth track on the tape is “Tell Me”, featuring Childish Gambino. You can listen to that track above, and download the full tape HERE.

My god this cast is perfect I love them so much ack they are wonderful 


whiskey sippin’ wanna drink the whole bottle but these smart middle-class black kids need a role model

also, I’m aware it’s not whiskey.

But it is whiskey.

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Donald and Alison, S3 Gag Reel, Disc 2

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Bacon action!! (back in action) #YouDontKnowTroy

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