We did not premier as we were supposed to, or as we thought we would, and so we did a video to the fans saying that, whenever we premier that day will be October 19th. October 19th is in your hearts.

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Community season 3 outtakes

The most wonderful people.

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One of Yvette’s notes in the biology book!

Yvette and Donald’s dad are talking on twitter, they are just so adorable







close cast is close.

Hold the fuck on

I support this.


Ship like fedex.

Welp, I guess I have another ship.


Perfect cast is perfect.

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I need all the optimism I can get.


2x22 Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts DVD Commentary aka, The One in Which Donald and Gillian Have Sex (and crash in on the commentary multiple times)

Donald Glover: Do you guys have any cement?
Yvette Nicole Brown: Donald.
Ken Jeong: We don’t have any cement.
Donald Glover: [Gillian] wants cement. 
Ken Jeong: Why would we have cement here? What is that even used for? Cement? 
Yvette Nicole Brown: This is a bit that he does on set.

Gillian Jacobs: All I wanted was some cement in my mouth. I don’t understand why that’s so hard. Surely, you have some cement in this sound booth. Donald and I are quietly having sex. 
Jim Rash: What’s the cement for?
Gillian Jacobs: I like it in my mouth. I don’t need to explain to you why I like it but I need it. 
Yvette Nicole Brown: Gillian, I am so upset. It’s so inappropriate and unprofessional. It’s bad enough we have to watch it, but for you to come in and describe it. I’m really bothered. 

Ken Jeong: Donald Glover coming in.
Donald Glover: [Gillian] wasn’t really upset, that’s something she has to do after all the sex we have. She has to get angry at a group of friends. Don’t be mad, don’t be upset. That’s something she does. 
Ken Jeong: Donald, the fans want to know more about Gillian Jacobs and her sex habits.
Donald Glover: Do you have anything sharp?
Yvette Nicole Brown: Donald.
Donald Glover: We can’t finish unless I hurt myself very bad. 
Gillian Jacobs: I just like a little blood after the cement.
Yvette Nicole Brown: Not the time! Not the time! 
Donald Glover: I just want to let everyone know that I came. 

Yvette Nicole Brown: I am so sorry everybody.
Ken Jeong: Give it up for Donald and Gillian having sex. Good job.

Yvette Nicole Brown: What did we miss in all that? Did we miss any points we wanted to make? 
Ken Jeong: I think we covered everything very well.
Jim Rash: I think people learned more in this commentary than ever before.


Well this excites me!

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